Levon Termendzhyan - Entrepreneur in Diesel and Clean Energy

Levon Termendzhyan

An accomplished entrepreneur in the energy sector, Levon Termendzhyan began working at a gas station at the age of 14. He began driving a fuel delivery truck at 16 and signed a lease on his first self-run gas station at 17. After taking on 11 more such stations, which he ran as a family business alongside his father and older brother, Levon Termendzhyan established his own fuel delivery truck company.

Levon Termendzhyan secured agreements to deliver fuel from a number of local refineries, while simultaneously expanding his gas station business to include 12 diesel truck stops. In 2002, his interests extended into sustainable energy when he took on equity ownership of Viscon USA, a clean air company that replaces toxic additives in diesel fuel with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

As head of Viscon International, the product's primary financial supporter and distributor, Levon Termendzhyan has secured India as an initial customer and has led many other nations to conduct testing on the viability of the product's use. He has joined the San Francisco Global Trade Council to more actively participate in global efforts to increase clean energy use, and he is working closely with Native American tribes to bring clean-burning biofuels to tribal lands.